After Action Review



As a builder in Orlando for almost 20 years, we strive to give our customers the best quality, performance & delivery date we can for the price we have estimated to accomplish this mission. As most companies with a long history in business, we’ve made our share of mistakes. Usually, they trace back to trying to “win” the proposal on price or get the “best deals” for customers which typically result in an unfavorable experience for the client.  

Although not the cheapest it is our goal to be the best value “Best Value”. for is a key term in Department of Defense contracting. Knowing that sometimes the least expensive solution is not the best, the government on difficult, “can’t fail” or complex projects often elect this type of contract evaluation. 

In our opinion, best value, would be the proposal that ensures the aspects of the negative AAR’s in this section do not occur on your project. All projects have a budget but the key is delivering the best project within the limits of the cost breakdowns accepted by the owner. The AAR’s in this section do not encompass how to build the perfect building but are great points to consider. Names, addresses and dates have been left out so that the focus is on the “lesson learned”, not the project itself. 

In areas where the mistake was made by our staff, we’ve made it a point to learn from the issue to deliver a better product for our future customers. Experience is the best instructor and from small renovations to multi-million dollar complex structures in the islands, our staff, processes and transparency will ensure deliver on the client expectation.  

Case 1



The client lost their job and misappropriated appliance budget from bank loan later resulting in missing funds from the LIP (Loan In Process) account. 


On a large custom home funded by a national lender, a client asked the builder to develop an invoice so the bank would fund the appliance draw in advance. This resulted in the client not having the money in the LIP account when needed at the end of the home and blaming it on the builder since the builder is who submitted the invoice to the bank.


In future PCI will not obtain advances on clients behalf when a lender is involved.